Staff Writer
HOBOKEN — Dozens upon dozens of police, sheriff, state patrol, fire and EMS units lined up to pay their last respects to a hero who had walked and worked among them for years.
Danny Wayne Norris, beloved family man, devoted Christian, dedicated law enforcement officer, supporter of children and adults, died Sunday, September 6, at a Savannah hospital following a brief illness.
Two fire trucks joined their ladders together, hoisting a huge American flag for the law enforcement procession to pass under during Wednesday, September 9.
A large contingent of “Rolling Thunder” motorcycles ridden by U.S. veterans carrying American flags roared down main street, following closely behind the patrol units and fire trucks.
Traffic was blocked on the five-lane U.S. 82 highway for some time, as the procession made its way to the Hoboken Cemetery where this local hero would be laid to rest.

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