Judge not allowing county to use 2020 resolution, 2016 Zoning Ordinance, amended 2017/2020 SWMP

A federal judge has issued a favorable ruling for Brantley County Development Partners, LLC in a lawsuit against Brantley County.
Judge Lisa Godbey Wood of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia issued her ruling Friday, May 14 granting BCPD’s motion for Preliminary Injunction with a 12-page release on Case # 5:19-cv-00109.
At stake for the county is the intent of Brantley County Development Partners, LLC to build a proposed landfill facility between Atkinson and Waynesville along Hwy. 82.
BCDP purchased 2,389 acres December 22, 2014, a figure reported in the Factual Background of Wood’s report.
The total acreage (463 acres) for the facility, according to the Coastal Terrace Green Energy Park website, is broken down into conceptual footprint (107 acres), conservation area surrounding solid waste handling activities (161 acres – minimum), space for scale house, office, landfill equipment, maintenance building, thermal the treatment facility, stormwater ponds and other supporting infrastructure (195 acres).
The other 1,926 acres will be used for future industrial park tenants and conservation areas.

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